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Design Thinking Workshop

Digital innovations for your company’s future. We show how you can revolutionize your products in the smart age.

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The Workshop for Your Digital Future.

Develop innovative product
approaches together.

Solve complex problems
in the team.

Ensure your future sustainability with digital innovations.

Taking a step towards innovation with the Design Thinking workshop.

Design Thinking is a team innovation method for solving complex problems. The user is the focus of the innovation process.

What do we want to achieve?

Together we can analyze your status quo. Building on this, we create ideas for your company’s development, transforming your business model, and making your business processes innovative.

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What do you want tot achieve with design thinking?

Who is driving this innovation?

Our Industry 4.0 experts will guide you through the process. The workshop is held with an interdisciplinary team from your company.

This might consist of managers, product managers, constructors, sales experts, and customer service staff. Ideally, your team consists of between 6 and 8 persons.

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Who of your company will drive the innovation in design thinking?

Solve Complex Problems Sustainably

Interdisciplinary viewpoints ensure that complex problems are considered from perspectives and experience across the board. During the workshop we will develop holistic solutions for your company together with you.

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Solve complex problems in your business sustainably

Start your digitization
with SCS now.

Start Your Digitization with SCS now.
Die Digitalisierung ist keine Zukunftsmusik, sie findet jetzt statt.

The Six Iterative Loops of the Design Thinking Method.

The design thinking method explained


In the first loop of the Design Thinking method, a common understanding of the problem or the problem space is created. Wherein lies the difficulty and who precisely is affected by it? In doing so, it is important that all members of the interdisciplinary team develop a common understanding of the problem and approach the central issue from their respective perspective.

The first loop in design thinking is to understand
The second loop in design thinking is to observe


In the second loop, Observe, the persons concerned become the team’s focus. Who are the target groups for the solution? Personas are created who, in turn, represent their characteristics.


The thoughts and characteristics of the personas that were collected in the course of the second loop can now be condensed and structured. Building on this, a perspective for the problem space is defined.

Personas are created in the third loop of the design thinking process.
Collecting ideas in the design-thinking process


In the fourth loop, the team members occupy themselves with collecting ideas for possible solutions. Of all of the approaches gathered, the most promising are selected and these are the focus of the following steps.


In the fifth loop, an initial prototype is created of the specific solution. Any questions that occur can often be answered in the during the process flow, and rough organizational key points can be defined.

Prototyping as a loop in design thinking
Testing is part of the design-thinking method


The finished prototype is now being presented to the target groups identified in the second loop. If the solution proves to be successful, it can be used in practice. If not, the innovation process will return to the preceding loop, which will subsequently be repeated, incorporating the feedback that has been collected.

Start your digitization
with SCS now.

Start Your Digitization with SCS now.
Die Digitalisierung ist keine Zukunftsmusik, sie findet jetzt statt.