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Industry 4.0 Kit.

Das SCS Komplett-Kit für Ihren Einstieg in die Digitalisierung.

The Kit for Digital Pioneers in SMEs

We want you too to benefit from digitization. That’s why we have developed a standardized package of measures. This enables you to enter Industry 4.0 at prices that are appropriate for SMEs. Your individual concept can be tailored to your specific requirements based on our various modules.

Werden Sie zum pionier in Ihrer Branche mit dem SCS-Industrie 4.0-Kit.

Modular Structure. Customized Adjustment.

SCS Planning unterstützt Sie dabei Ihren Service zu perfektionieren.

SCS planning

SCS Planning optimizes your service and connects your back office seamlessly to your maintenance technicians in the field. We offer numerous features that considerably facilitate organizing and planning your service assignments.

Use the intelligent ticket system with its intuitive planning overview to coordinate your employees more effectively. The SCS map provides an overview of the current locations of your technicians at all times – anywhere in the world. Use SCS Planning online and offline as circumstances require, and benefit from automatic data comparison with your ERP system.

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SCS Analytics bringt Ihre Maschinendaten in die Cloud und wertet diese für Sie aus.

SCS analytics

  • SCS analytics makes your machine smart

    SCS Analytics makes your machines smart and takes your machine data to the cloud. The native level of intelligence of the machines is irrelevant here. Our solution supports you with correctly analyzing and interpreting your machine data. This is transferred to the cloud in real time, where it is synchronized. All of this is based on our SCS box which is integrated in your machines.

  • Automatic anomaly detection

  • Preview: A.I. Algorythm

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Mit SCS Connect bieten Sie Ihren Kunden einen zusätzlichen digitalen Mehrwert

SCS connect

Give your end customers access to your machine data on site. SCS Connect offers you an individually configurable white label solution for this. Enhance your business model by upgrading your service portfolio for your products with smart information services. This secures the long-term preservation of your systems in the digital era.

An overview of the benefits for your end customers.

  • High availability of the plant
  • Reduced standing costs
  • Real-time monitoring
  • An overview of all machines and their statuses
  • Life cycle optimization (setup + operation)
  • Greater plant efficiency
  • Optimization of the entire plant
  • Greater availability of productive operation
  • Analysis of the machines by means of smart technology
  • Plannable service costs
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Digitization in Four Steps.

We can help make your digital business model of the future a success. In four steps:

1. Design-Thinking-Workshop.

Together we develop appropriate ideas for your new digital business model. This is based on our tried and tested concepts and standardized Industry 4.0 packages. We then work on implementing the ideas. You benefit from our wide-ranging and long-term experience with medium-sized projects. This is how together we quickly achieve practicable solutions.

2. Initial product version.

With this information, we configure our SCS standard modules and tailor them precisely to your requirements. We can therefore create an initial fully functional product in the shortest space of time. You can use this to perform intensive product tests in your in-house product department. Initial market tests or trade fair presentations are also possible. You generate positive customer feedback immediately and initial sales where applicable.

3. From prototypes to the product.

The initial version results in a robust, release-ready product. Comprehensive quality and security checks complete the process. We thereby ensure that the solution is ideally suited to Industry 4.0 scenarios. The final software is released after the last adjustments and tests.

4. Go-live.

Finally, your systems are integrated in the SCS cloud. Live operation – including standard live/release cycle – starts. Welcome to the digital era!

Starten Sie jetzt mit SCS dem Design-Thinking-Workshop.

Taking a step towards innovation with the Design Thinking workshop.

Design Thinking is a team innovation method for solving complex problems. The user is the focus of the innovation process.

What do we want to achieve?

Together we can analyze your status quo. Building on this, we create ideas for your company’s development, transforming your business model, and making your business processes innovative.

Who is driving this innovation?

Our Industry 4.0 experts will guide you through the process. The workshop is held with an interdisciplinary team from your company. This might consist of managers, product managers, constructors, sales experts, and customer service staff. Ideally, your team consists of between 6 and 8 persons.

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